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Welcome American Clipper Owners

  This web site is for people interested in American Clippers, the best mini motorhome ever built - as least we think so! There were almost 5,000 Clippers built by Irv Perch and his company between 1975 and 1980, and a majority are still on the road today. There are over 600 members in the American Clipper Owner's Club, which is a fantastic support group, holding numerous regional and national rallies, technical sessions, and more.

  Go to the Clipper Projects page to see what we've done (improvements/repairs) to our Clipper. The Clipper Trips page is for friends who want to see where we've gone and read my boring short stories about the trip, and to see a few pictures of course. The CG Ratings explains my rating and overall grade of the campgrounds in which we have stayed in the Clipper. The ratings are posted in each trip write-up.

  Thanks for stopping in!

Wolf Family Clipper (1975 Dodge 360, Model 821F, Rear Kitchen with couch)

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